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Dungeons and Dragons- Longshot Campaign

Adventure 1

The First Adventure

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Hello, welcome to this site. Here is the info on the first of our explorers' adventures!


-Part One-


Being ambushed by orcs is not the most fun thing that you would want to do on this nice day of spring. Of course, that is what makes adventuring so fun! When hearing a rumor that there were people wandering into Ellis Dungeon never returning, the adventurers naturally responded by taking it as a challenge. When wandering into the dungeon at the same time, Jebediah and Matt almost immediately became friends. After opening the door to exit the entrance, they found three orcs, each with a falchion, observing a dead male halfling. After spotting the adventurers, one of the orcs ran to the door to attack the poor half-elf rouge, Matt. After a fierce battle of both the orc and Matt hacking and slashing at each other, both with serious wounds, Matt strikes one true blow and defeats the orc. Of course, one gives up on the halfling and attacks Matt. After a strong blow, the orc strikes a fateful blow on Matt. Matt falls and slumps into deep unconsciousness. Seeing he is outnumbered, our resourceful gnome wizard Jebediah uses his ghost sound ability to simulate a ferocious dragon about to enter the dungeon. Knowing they are no match for a dragon, the orcs flee into a deeper part of the dungeon. Now safe, Jebediah drags Matt to the nearest town, called Lyons Ville. He leaves Matt at the local inn so the doctor who works there could heal him. In the mean time, Jebediah goes shopping and buys a scroll that contains the acid splash spell. Jebediah returns to the inn and our two heroes reunite.


-Part Two-


As our heroes explore the town, they learn what and where the important structures are. While doing this, though, our heroes bump into a female elven druid, Anse who is with her ferocious-looking wolf, Reshelf. They band together and venture back to the dungeon. Upon entering, they find only one orc picking at the decaying body, which rises and attacks Matt through the doorway. It was no match for the trio, though. After defeating the orc, our adventurers wander in the next room. They listen at all three doors, and hear nothing in the right and middle doors, but hear a string instrument, like a violin, playing. So Matt and Anse walked in the instrument room and were attacked by an animated cello, which could play a lullaby that made Matt slump on the floor and fall sleep. Meanwhile, Jebediah goes through the right side door and finds it empty except for a big smudge on the wall. He decides to use the Detect Magic spell that causes magical runes to shine and glow furiously. As Jebediah investigates, an arrow shoots out at him, but flies directly behind his head and missed him. As he walks into the runes, the runes start to glow more powerfully and Jebediah fells refreshed and healthier. He walks to the other side and curiously inspects the smudge on the wall and accidentally opens a secret passage. As he wanders in, towards the chest, another arrow shoots in his direction and misses Jebediah completely. After mocking the arrow, Jebediah opens the chest and gets a masterwork shortbow. He runs through the previous room, through the second room, into the middle door, and goes into a room with a gigantic chest. He ignores the chest and to a door that connects with the cello room. The door swings open and hits Matt. He wakes up and together, they defeat the cello. The venture into the room with the big treasure chest...


-Part Three-


The walk into the room and, greedily, run and open the chest. Inside is a head. Not a severed head, a head, and it was the head of the treasure chest! After an intense battle, they defeat the chest. After the win, our adventurers feel that they got stronger and more skilled in their adventures. They exit the room and venture farther into the dungeon into a big, octagonal room where they see a wizard. They quickly defeat the wizard and his raven minion and quickly get everything the wizard owned and a slip of paper from a chest that says "The secret lies in the Golden Bell" As they look in the remaining two rooms in the dungeon, Anse wanders into a room with a chest while Jebediah and Matt go in a room with a grave. "Here lies yappy. A beloved friend" the gravestone said. In the room, Anse immediately goes for the chest. Inside are some pieces of broken glass, two socks, three dead flowers, and a picture of a beautiful half-elf. Immediately after opening the chest, a human ghost passes through the wall and sees Anse. He asks Anse what she is doing here and then talks about his tragic life. His girlfriend, the half-elf in the picture, was eaten by a giant treasure chest (the one that our adventurers defeated). When he went in the room, he got eaten too. His ghost is now on an endless search to find his girlfriend. After his story, Anse hears Jebediah and Matt scream of terror and rushes to the room where Jebediah and Matt is, along with Brian, the ghost. After a majestic final battle, our adventurers wish best of luck to Brian and bid him farewell. Now in the town, they rest up, and Jebediah studies spells from the wizard in the dungeon's spellbook. They are getting ready for their next adventure.


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