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Dungeons and Dragons- Longshot Campaign

Adventure 2

The second adventure

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-Part One-


As our adventurers are wondering around the center of town, the sky above darkens and as our heroes look up, they see a dark, maniacal floating castle blocking the sun and falling towards the town at a fast, rapid rate. As our heroes step into the castle after a final walk from Lyonsville, they find a half-orc sorcerer staring intensely at them. After exchanging some remarks with Jebediah, in different languages, clearly not understanding each other, the half-orc starts to chant unintelligible words; Jebediah recognizes the spell “dimension door”. In response, Jebediah launches a crossbow bolt straight at the half-orc, who is clearly injured but undisturbed. After a few other strange words, a strange light gets cast upon our adventurers.


-Part Two-


As Matt and Jebediah wake up from a long sleep, they find themselves in a strange house. Anse is nowhere to be found. After getting a bit settled with their surroundings, a strange man with orange hair and beard walks up to them and says: “Are you alright?” He explains to them that he found the two of them in front of a large mirror that he calls a “Dimension Gate.”  His name is Miquelta. When they ask where they are, he tells them Longshot Island, but not the island that they originally came from, this was named after the Longshot Island that was destroyed and split into the islands that make up the world nowadays. He also said that it was destroyed thousands of years ago. Realizing that they are stuck in the future, they go and visit the Dimension Gate in hopes of finding a way home.


-Part Three-


After visiting Miquelta’s nephew, the mysterious and silent Alandro, they go to visit the Dimension Gate, but are stopped by a trio of Kobolds. After defeating the kobolds and receiving minimal damage, they move on and find the Dimension Gate. It is a gigantic, golden-framed mirror with a small golden slab with five skull-shaped holes carved in it. As our adventurers recall, Miquelta said: “Legend has it that spread around the world are five skull-shaped orbs, each corresponding to a specific element, that are guarded by only the scariest, toughest monsters in all the world. These orbs, when placed in the slab, can bring you to anywhere you want, to any planet, on any plane, in any dimension.” After realizing that they need to explore the world to get back home, our heroes search the island for a boat, but the only one is wrecked up and in no condition to sail. With no way to go around the world, they go back to Miquelta’s house to ask if he had any way to transport them around the world. He responds by saying that he owns the boat and that he would fix it into sailing condition by morning.


-Part Four-


In the morning, feeling refreshed and ready to sail, our heroes sail to the next closest island; Akupiku Island. As they arrive, our heroes get involved with a goblin and its friend, a horned goblin. After exchanging blows with each other, a frightfully accurate hit kills the goblin, but seeing that he is outnumbered, the horned goblin goes for Matt, who suffers from an extremely tough gore, and is almost dying. After killing the horned goblin, Miquelta shows Jebediah an Orb of Restoration. This magical device sinks into Matt’s body and he feels fresh and rejuvenated, and not dying. In Akupiku Town, our heroes find a dwarf, who gives them information about the dungeon on the Northern peninsula of the island. After exploring the town for a while, they set off in the dungeon. When they move into the first room, they notice that the walls are lit and that it is visible enough to see without torches. As they enter the second room, they get attacked by two kobolds. After easily defeating them, they notice a treasure chest and find some gold pieces inside. In the next room, which is filled with rubble, they encounter a dire rat, which is clearly no match for our heroes. By the time they get to the door of this room, they peek through and see a large dragon, who notices them peeking.


- Part Five-


The dragon, a young black dragon, warns the adventurers not to enter his room, for privacy, but of course, he doesn’t listen to our adventurers pleads, and eventually gets entangled in a battle with our heroes, but after a precise shot from Jebediah, the dragon falls, and disappears, showing he was nothing but an illusion projected on a kobold. Proceeding to the next room, our adventurers find a room filled with mushrooms and other spores. As Miquelta takes a look, a poisonous gas sprays on his face and he falls to the ground. Rushing over, Jebediah uses his Orb of Healing, that he found eariler,  to heal Miquelta back to his full health. In the next room, a smell of the dead wafts out, and as they explore the coffins, most likely the source of the smell, a human skeleton pops out and attacks. Obviously outnumbered, it is quickly defeated, but he is not the only skeleton in the room. In the coffin next to it, which Jebediah opens, a Gnoll skeleton leaps and attacks our heroes, but the result is the same as before. In a coffin that Matt opens, he finds a Masterwork Longsword, but as he reaches to grab it, it flies into the air and swoops down on Matt, but fortunately, he dodges it. On the southern point of the room, is an alter containing a silvered dagger, which Jebediah grabs. Suddenly, the two statues around the alter turn towards Miquelta and Jebediah and fire a beam of energy. Luckily, Jebediah dodges it, but Miquelta gets hit directly. Thankfully, though, his wound is only minor, and they continue into the next room, which looks like a bedroom of some sort. After exploring for a bit, they move to the door, which is locked, but cannot be opened by Matt’s Open Lock skill, so they search for the key. After finding it under a table, they proceed into the next room, only to battle a troglodyte to its death. After looting the troglodyte, they continue to a northern room, only to find a blonde woman standing over a large pile of gold and silver. To find out what happens next… wait until the third adventure!

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