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Dungeons and Dragons- Longshot Campaign

The Dungeon Master

The master of everyone in Longshot's fate. He is almost like a god.

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Here are some Q&A with the Dungeon Master:

Q: What is your name?

A: Alex.

Q: Where does D&D mainly take place?

A: The players live on planet "Earth". But, in this time, Earth is split into several islands. The island that has almost everything is Longshot Island. This is where the PCs were born, where they will probably live, and where they will start the game at.

Q: You said it takes place in a different time. Tell us more about this.

A: Well, in the 21st century,  you do not see very many dragons, trolls, ogres, elves, or dwarves. I also thought that it would take far too long to make everything in today's world, all seven continents. I set it in close to the Middle Ages because no one knows what creatures were living then and I could also make a different "Earth", in a sence.

Q: What inspired you to play this game?

A: One time, at a book store, I saw the D&D Miniatures game. I instantly got interested. I loved mythology and other things from the Middle Ages. Other times when I went there I saw some D&D books. When I learned that one of my friends knew the rules and that I needed the "Core Rulebooks" to maximize the fun, I got them, studied them, made the campaign and formed the PCs that play in the Longshot campaign.

Q: If you were to be a PC, what would you be?

A: I would be an elven sorcerer. Elves are very graceful and can use some of my favorite weapons, Elves would be perfect. Also, the sorcerer's ability to cast spells without preparing makes any spell ideal for any situation.


Tune in for some more Q&A after the game progresses.

The Dungeon Master
  • Name: Alex
  • Campaign: Longshot
  • Where his campaign is played: Maryland
  • Favorite Place in the Game: The Nature Temple (in longshot version 2.0)
  • Birthdate:9/11/92
  • E-mail: thedonkey87


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