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Dungeons and Dragons- Longshot Campaign

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If you have an idea about any puzzles, dungeons, or quests, contact me at my e-mail address, located on the homepage!

The Contest is now over
The winner is Steven, or Jebediah

Character Drawing Contest!!!
Now, from Friday, January 19, 2007, to Friday, February 23, 2007, there will be our first contest!
To enter, draw a picture of your character on a blank peice of paper. The rules for this contest are:
  • Draw your Dungeons and Dragons character
  • It must be a full-body portrait, from the head to the toes...
  • The picture CANNOT be a stick figure.
  • The picture does not need to be in color, but pictures in color get better rewards...
  • You MUST have your signature on the picture, for proof that you drew it. All entries without signatures are not elagable to compete.

The rewards will be:

  • 1,000-2,000 exp
  • 500-1,000 gp
  • A magic item

The winner of this contest, or the best drawing (out of the two that will be entered... heehee) will get...

  • An extra 500 gp
  • A super-secret item made JUST FOR YOU, with you!!!

All entries must be emailed to me or given to me at school!!! All entries will be put on the "artwork" section of this website.

Good Luck!

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*I do not check my e-mail often, so do not be surprised if I do not post it. If you go to Churchill, tell me that you e-mailed it to me and I will post it asap.

Hi, It is the Dungeon Master; Alex Rieschick. If you know me, e-mail me. I'd appreciate it. If not, then too bad! Hahahaha. Oh well. Enjoy the site.